How to Minimize Hunger on a Diet?

Egis R.
5 min readAug 24, 2022
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There are manifold annoyances of dieting but hunger can challenge your patience and sanity nearly beyond tolerance. It makes adherence to a diet less likely which is a big fucking problem because, as you may recall from this article, adherence is the most critical factor in losing weight.

I’m a 200-pound dude who can lose weight by eating 2,700 kcal/day and so hunger when dieting isn’t an issue for me. But some people are more prone to hunger than others. If that’s you, here are seven strategies to minimize hunger on a diet.

1. Don’t lose weight too fast

Weight loss rate of 0.5–1% body weight per week is probably going to be best under most circumstances. Yes yes, I know — you want to lose like halfa trillion pounds of weight per week but you will have to deal with the 0.5–1% recommendation. As you get closer to seeing abs, go with the lower end of the range.

Ignore the advice and not only will you feel immoderately peckish but you also risk muscle loss which, as I said in this article, is a pretty good indicator of a subsequent body fat overshoot (weight regain).

2. Choose higher volume food options

After eating a meal, satiety can be signaled to your nervous system by calorie amount and the degree of tissue stretching in the stomach (The Renaissance Diet 2.0 book, 2020). So it makes sense to eat more of these…

veggies, fruits, lean meat, whole grains

Rather than these…

cookies, dried fruits, nuts/seeds, mayo

Basically, your diet should revolve around higher-volume foods. Not only do they tend to be more filling but also less calorically dense thus, more conducive to weight loss.

This may sound awfully stupid but what I’m trying to say is that you need to eat less junk and more whole foods [insert ‘well duh’ here].

3. Eat less hyper-palatable foods



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