Yet another nonsensical diet based on pseudoscience created by someone who has no training in nutrition.

"Eat nothing invented or re-engineered by humans." — sounds a bit too extreme, don't you think?

"Drink no liquid that isn’t ~1,000 years old" — sounds a bit too extreme, don't you think?

"Fasting is good for us and natural. When you starve yourself of food, the bad proteins are broken down first and recycled by your body (a process called autophagy)" — autophagy isn’t fasting-specific. It happens in any diet that puts you in a calorie deficit. Autophagy is the result of calorie restriction, not fasting.

"In nature, we had to expend energy to eat. Lions do not eat then hunt for fun. So, we do not need to load up on food before doing something. Instead, re-feed after." / We consumed plants regularly and meat irregularly. So, it makes sense to eat mostly plant-based most of the time and feast on meat intermittently." — just because someone allgedly did something ages ago doesn't mean it's optimal. There's a big difference between doing something for the sake of survival and optimality.



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Egis R.

I’m Egis, an online weight loss coach who has heightened BS sensors for fitness & nutrition. Only evidence-based & sustainable fat loss.