Why People Regain Weight After Losing It?

Sustainable results happen only with sustainable methods

Egis R.


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I have a long history of sucking at writing intros so let’s dive right into the main reason why people regain weight after losing it. It’s because the methods that they used to lose weight were unsustainable. As I said heaps of times before, if the methods are unsustainable, the results are unsustainable too.

When people go Ah fugg this, it’s time I stop doing dumb shit with my diet and get in shape, they typically do an overnight 180-degree turn — from being a complete couch potato eating an ice cream cone the size of a baby’s head every day to a diet-conscious workout warrior training 5–6x/week.

James Fell once wrote:

“It’s damn hard, from a practical and time-management perspective, to do an overnight 180-degree turn from a highly processed diet to a healthy one.”

No shit, Sherlock. If it was easy, the world would already be skinny.

Radical, overnight changes are too difficult for most people. The more rigid the approach, the greater the risk for unsustainability and weight regain. I feel like you would appreciate an example.

Say you jump on a keto diet. Why keto? Because in my non-zealous opinion, it’s a stupid diet (although I don’t care if you want to try it):

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So you embark on keto. From eating, say, 300–500 grams of carbs per day, you’re now left with no more than 50 grams. Basically, only leafy greens, a few tomatoes, cucumbers, and a dessert out of cauliflower (I feel your pain just typing this).

Not only you’re not allowed to eat most of the good stuff — fruits, grains, cakes, cookies, chocolate, etc. — but you’re also facing another issue — what do you do with restaurants, events, and parties? How do you handle those? Do you just don’t eat anything while out or do you decline social events altogether and pretend that looking out of the window is as fun as going out with your friends?



Egis R.

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