One Thing You Need to Change in Your Training to Improve Muscle Growth

Egis R.
5 min readNov 3, 2022
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If you googled “how to build more muscle,” you would be presented with heaps of useless ways to do that — ingest as much turkesterone and BCAA as possible, eat every three hours, something about increasing time under tension would probably pop up as well. It’s all gibberish.

Here is one thing you need to change within your training to improve muscle growth: Start training with a full range of motion (ROM):

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Technically, full ROM can be defined as the degree of movement that occurs at a given joint during a given exercise while partial ROM is when you have the option to use a fuller ROM but you choose to go ah fuck this feeling at the bottom of the leg press it’s excruciating and so you choose not to take it.

But here is the deal — training with full ROM seems to elicit greater muscle growth on average.

The recent systematic review investigated a full vs partial ROM on changes in muscle growth and found that full ROM is generally better for muscle growth:

+9.58% of muscle growth for shorter ROM vs +12.56% for longer ROM
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So full ROM kung fu kicked the crap out of partial ROM in this study.

Another systematic review and meta-analysis found the same thing — full ROM resistance training is more effective than partial ROM for muscle growth (for the lower body specifically). The researchers concluded:

The present study found superior effectiveness of full ROM training to produce lower-limb muscle growth. Our results are in line with a previous systematic review suggesting a potentially greater effect of full ROM resistance training on muscle hypertrophy, especially in the lower limbs.
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But why does full ROM cause more muscle growth compared to partial ROM? I’m afraid I’m not your man for guidance. Dunno. I might almost say scientifically that not going on a keto diet has something to do with it.

Luckily, you don’t need to take my word for it because there are minds like Greg Nuckols (M.A. in exercise and sports science) who covered this topic in his monthly research review. He had…

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