One Thing That 90% Of Ripped People Do Daily

Egis R.
3 min readJul 8, 2022
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At the time of writing this post, I’ve shared 1,191 posts on Instagram. The time I wasted making those posts… sends a shudder down my spine. You should avoid social media like the plague. Anyway, 1,191 posts:

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And none of them are about what I eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. That’s because my diet is… boring. And unlike the ‘keto-compatible’ organic hot dog water for weight loss that this Douglas Bevans chap sold for $38 a bottle to 60 people, boring doesn’t sell well.

I mean, the breakfast that I’ve been eating since I was old enough to vomit is as follows:

  • Low-fat Greek yogurt.
  • A scoop of protein powder.
  • A serving of peanut butter.
  • One banana.
  • A handful of frozen or fresh berries (the latter is only if my post on Medium goes viral and I earn a box full of dollars).

I have four meals per day and only my lunch is different on most days. The other three meals are usually the same boring stuff that nobody wants to see on Instagram (plus some ‘fun’ food if I feel like having it — an ice cream, a donut, cake, Snickers, etc.).

And that’s the reality behind 90% of the meals eaten by ripped people — they eat boring stuff most of the time because they are easy to plan and prepare, and they are filling:

lean meats, low/non-fat dairy, eggs/whites, tuna, veggies, fruits, oats, potatoes, white rice, peanut butter
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Minimally-processed. Nutritious. Basic. And boring. But there’s merit in keeping boring and simple: simple is easier to follow.

And that’s exactly what we see in successful weight losers too — they do simple things when it comes to nutrition (Paixão C et al., 2020):

  • They have healthy foods available at home.
  • They eat breakfast regularly.
  • They increase vegetable consumption.
  • They reduce the consumption of sugary foods.
  • They reduce fat in meals.
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