Let's see:

1. "Cut out all added sugar and flour. Yes that means no pizza." — research has consistently shown that the more you place a particular food on a list of no-nos, the more you crave it and eventually, binge eat.

2. "Exercise - One hour per day. No rest days" — a training program should be based around not only fundamental principles but also enjoyment. No one enjoys working out every day, it's unsustainable, unrealistic, and ineffective.

3. "2 liters of water a day. No exceptions" — 2 liters for everyone? Someone weighing 220 lbs has to drink as much as someone with 150 lbs? What if one lives in Greenland and the other one in Bali? Do they both drink the same 2 liters even though one sweats more? Wouldn't it be better to recommend adjusting water intake based on the color of urine? That's objective at least.

All in all, terrible advice that will lead people to unsustainable results. Unsustainable methods lead to unsustainable results.

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