Does Intermittent Fasting Cause Special Effects?

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4 min readDec 10, 2020
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Every now and then as I’m scrolling the giant bullshit engine called teh internetz I’ll see an article spouting something like: “INTERMITTENT FASTING REDUCES VISCERAL FAT” or “INTERMITTENT FASTING IS THE BEST DIET FOR ALL EARTHLY INHABITANTS.”

And then everyone loses their mind and goes all “Let’s Fast The Living Crap Of Ourselves.”

But before you do the same, you want to read this article because it shows you what’s better for fat loss—intermittent fasting or continuous energy restriction?

What are intermittent fasting and continuous energy restriction
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Intermittent Fasting vs. Continuous Energy Restriction: What Does The Science Shmience Say?

In 2018, Harris L, et al. published a systematic review and meta-analysis (meta-analysis & systematic reviews are trustworthy, unbiased ways to determine conclusions because they review all related scientific papers whereas a single study may have biased conditions):

The systematic review and meta-analysis by Harris L, et al.
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Researchers found that there is no significant difference in weight loss between IF and CER:

The study conclusion
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Seimon RV, et al. conducted a similar meta-analysis in 2015:

The study by Seimon RV, et al.
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They concluded that:

The study by Seimon RV, et al. and its conclusion
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Okay, so your friend Jessica, the one who swears by IF, might be, juuust might be, full of crap saying IF is the best diet.

Anyway, let’s continue so that you would have something to respond to Jessica once she sees you eating a cookie…

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