Diet Design for Weight Loss: 7 Dos & Don’ts

Stop trying to cut corners by focusing on stupid shit that doesn’t make a big difference

Egis R.


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Losing weight is not an easy ride. It’s a long, boring, and repetitive process. And for many people, things rapidly go to excrement simply because they do things that they shouldn’t do. So let me teach you 7 diet design dos and don’ts.

1. Keep it simple

DON’T jump on “magic” diet regimens or a diet that asks you to measure ketone levels by pissing on a stick. Most diets are just too complicated and based on fear-mongering — inflammation, carbohydrates, gluten, and the godfuggingdamn insulin. As James Fell wrote in his book,

“I often wonder how people come up with their hyper-convoluted diet plans based on … God knows what. Was the guy who wrote about choosing foods based on your blood type suffering from a rectal-cranial inversion? Did he have a look around up there, then pull that diet out of his ass?”

DO focus on the basic shit you know you need to do but you’re not doing it cos, you know, there are flashier diets such as low glycemic index dumbfuggery. Eat more nutritious foods such as veggies, fruit, and lean protein, establish a consistent day-to-day meal pattern, adjust portion sizes based on your results, etc. You don’t get to play with silly detox diets and cleanses if you don’t nail the big rocks of nutrition first.

2. Meet your protein target

DON’T ignore protein. It won’t damage your kidneys (unless you have pre-existing kidney disease) or make you bulky. If any of your friends tell you otherwise, tell them to STFU. Just, you know, more eloquently.

DO eat protein at most, if not all, meals because it’s the only macronutrient that can help you build or preserve muscle mass when dieting. And as you know from my previous posts, or at least I hope you do, losing muscle mass when dieting is an invitation to fat overshoot.

3. Keep in carbohydrates

DON’T eliminate carbs because they “cause fat gain” or “prevent fat loss.” If you follow anyone on IG who tells you otherwise, unfollow them immediately. But before unfollowing, ask…



Egis R.

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