7 Things Bodybuilders Do to Get Super-lean That You Should Steal & Use

Bodybuilders can get to 5% body fat while the rest of the world struggles to lose 10 pounds. Learn from bodybuilders, maybe?

Egis R.


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When people see a bodybuilder weighing 250 pounds they assume this steroid-infused chap is dumb as fugg who can’t even tie shoelaces. Well, they are no dumber than the rest of the world is. Definitely no dumber than your friend that cut his finger while slicing a bagel because his finger was through the hole.

Anyway, say anything you like about bodybuilders but I’m sure as shit they would beat the living crap out of most of us at getting stage lean aka shredded. They can get to 5% body fat (men) while the rest of the world struggles to lose 10 pounds (combined).

So here are 7 things bodybuilders do to get super-lean that you should steal and use to lose those 10 pesky pounds.

1. Bodybuilders lift weights 5–6 days per week (or even 2x/day)

Most bodybuilders are light-years ahead of you in terms of training experience and you don’t need to train that much. As I said in this post, lifting weights 3–4x/week provides the best results in the least amount of time for most people.

Yes, if your goal is solely weight loss, you don’t need to strength train. All you need is a sustainable calorie deficit. But if you want to get healthier, stronger, more “toned,” and prevent muscle loss while dieting (muscle loss when dieting is associated with weight regain) strength training is essential.

2. Bodybuilders get a lot of steps and/or do low-intensity steady-state cardio (LISS)

LISS always has been and always will be a big part of the contest prep for bodybuilders. When done sparingly, it’s easy to recover from, it burns some extra calories, and it’s good for your physical and mental health. But it’s not something you need to do to lose fat.

Simply increasing your step count and getting at least 7,000 steps/day is enough. It’s not uncommon to see a bodybuilder averaging 15,000–20,000 steps/day. Again, he/she is…



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