6 Signs You Don’t Train Hard Enough to Build Muscle

Make sure you’re not doing these six things in your training

Egis R.
6 min readJul 19, 2023
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You’re dicking around with your training. Simply put, you probably don’t train hard enough to build muscle (like most people in the gym). So ensure you’re not doing these six things in your training and you will build muscle aka become a muscular boy or girl with smelly armpits. How cool is that, huh? Very cool!

1. Your rep speed doesn’t slow down

The involuntary reduction of muscle contraction speed is probably the best indicator that you’re training hard enough to stimulate muscle growth. Jesus Christ are you confused yet? Because I’m sure as shit you’re.

What I’m saying is if you’re not training to the point where your rep speed begins to slow down at the end of the set, then you’re not exposing your muscles to mechanical tension which gives them the sufficient signal to grow.

The other day I posted a reel on Insta on precisely that. Watch the damn reel.

Notice that the weight barely moves on the last two reps. And by the vein popping out on my bold head which always makes my girlfriend freak entirely the fugg out cos’ my head might go kabloom, you can tell it’s tough. I generated so much fatigue that my…



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