1) ”I eat a lot of fat, I feel great” - some people do better on a low fat diet and some on a high fat diet. Your claim just shows how crucial it is to play around with macros and see what works better for you.

2) “The scale shows a lower number the next morning” - that’s glycogen. It has nothing to do with adipose tissue. Plus, food volume.

3) “I eat a lot of carbs, I crave more carbs” - you crave a particular food not because of it’s carb content. When was the last time you craved watermelon? You crave pizzas, cookies, chocolate, etc. Funny enough, these foods per calorie contain more fat than carbs. Hyper-palatability is what makes you crave and/or overate a particular food. For that to happen, there has to be a mix of fat, salt, and sugar. There has to be at least two of those.

Everything can be explained logically if you know human physiology and metabolism.



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Egis R.

I’m Egis, an online weight loss coach who has heightened BS sensors for fitness & nutrition. Only evidence-based & sustainable fat loss. www.absscience.com